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Expore Devotional Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in North India which is most aptly known as the Land of the Gods. All across the pristine state are temples and shrines of immense religious and spiritual importance. There are many temples devoted to almost every Hindu god in Himachal Pradesh. Every year, millions of devotees from all around the country, as well as foreign lands, visit frequent these temples in Himachal. All sorts of pious stories circulate these shrines and believer of the Supreme Power revere these holy places in every possible way.

There are many tourist destinations here which are worth visiting.

There is Jwalamukhi temple in Kangra that is known for the perpetually lit blue flame in the heart of a rock. There is Baijnath temple in district Kangra devoted to Lord Shiva. Then there is Bajreshwari Devi Temple also in Kangra that is a highly revered deified place in history. Also in Kangra is Maa Chamunda Devi temple that is believed to be home to the destroying Avatar of Goddess Durga.

In district Una, there is Chintpurni temple that is one of the most visited places by Punjabis from across the country. There is Bijli Mahadeva temple in Kullu that is of vital stature among devotees of Lord Shiva. In Manali, the temple of Maa Hadimba is one of the most sacred places in the district. Also in Manali is the famous Manikaran with hot water springs believed to have healing properties. Looking for the best trip then you need to visit Best Taxi Service In Chandigarh.

In district Bilaspur, there is Maa Naina Devi temple which is recognized as the place where the eyes of the famous Sati from Indian Scriptures fell. In district Chamba, there is the famous Laxmi Narayan temple that stands as a shrine to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of all life forms. In the lovely hills of Shimla, there are two temples of great aesthetic value. One is Jakhu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the other is Tara Devi temple, a shrine to the female holy powers. In Sirmaur district, there is the famous Renuka Ji temple built to enshrine the Goddess Renuka Ji.

All these temples in Himachal Pradesh hold their special place in the prayers of devotees and are believed to be the most pious places on the face of the earth. These are visited by people of all religions and beliefs throughout the year for the blessings of the Supreme Being. All twelve districts of Himachal are known for some of the other of these famous temples in Himachal and shrines. This is the very reason Himachal Pradesh is deemed as the holy land or Dev Bhumi in Hindu mythology. A visit to this Land of the Gods will decidedly lead your life to a better course. If you are looking to explore all the places in one trip then it will be great that you have the services of a taxi service and in this field, My Himachal Travel will never disappoint you.


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